From Inspiration to Action

Reimagining the Museum brings together museum professionals who want to champion change in their museums. Explore the mindset needed to implement and manage change successfully.

About the conference

Reimagining the Museum offers a variety of formats and learning experiences to reflect critically on a shared understanding of museum practice and the role of museums as active community partners in addressing a range of social, cultural and environmental challenges. The second edition of Reimagining the Museum took place in Medellín, Colombia November 1-3, 2017. Over three intensive days, the convening will highlighted innovative ideas and creative approaches from colleagues across the Americas, as well as share successful solutions to reimagining the museum’s role in community.

Some of the themes discussed include:

  • Museums as platforms for diverse participation and representation in influencing public policy and advancing positive social change.
  • Museums as catalysts for economic renewal in partnership with civic, government, and corporate allies through innovative business models.
  • Museums as chroniclers of the human experience that embrace complex narratives and multiple voices.
  • Museums as educational innovators providing essential learning that inspires curiosity, creativity, and empowerment.

This event is made possible through a partnership between Fundación TyPA (Teoría y Práctica de las Artes) in Argentina, American Alliance of Museums (AAM) in the United States of America in collaboration with Parque Explora in Colombia.


Highlights From Our 2015 Conference in Argentina

In 2015, the first Reimagining the Museums was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a unique and unprecedented opportunity for peer networking and information exchange which attracted 600 attendees representing more than 220 cultural organizations from 24 countries.

Browse through the 2015 Reimagining the Museum event which took place September 1-3, 2015. All live recordings can be found on the FundaciónTyPa YouTube channel and the final report of the conference in this publication.





AAM – American Alliance of Museums: The world’s largest museum service organization, the American Alliance of Museums strengthens museums through leadership,advocacy and collaboration. AAM has been bringing museums together since 1906, helping to develop standards and best practices, offering essential resources and career development and providing advocacy on issues of concern to the entire museum community. AAM represents a membership of over 35,000 institutions & individuals from all 50 U.S. states and nearly 60 countries. The Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo, the largest gathering of museum professionals in the world, attracts over 5,000 museum professionals in the US and globally and features educational sessions addressing issues and challenges common to the museum field.

The Latino Network of the American Alliance of Museums represents the needs of Latino professionals working in museums and cultural institutions in the United States. The Network offers expertise to U.S. museums interested in better understanding Latino issues and engaging Latino audiences through the development of exhibitions, collections, public programs, and education initiatives. Additionally, the Latino Network serves as a liaison between the U.S. museum community and Latin American and the Caribbean museums, research centers, and cultural institutions and offers guidance to museums across the Americas in their efforts to create partnerships and collaborations.

Fundación TyPA – Teoría y Práctica de las Artes: Based in Buenos Aires, TyPA provides training and advocacy in the fields of literature, museums, film and the arts throughout Latin America. It organizes workshops and conferences, conducts and publishes research, offers advice and organizes collaborative networks to support cultural production and foster communication around the world. Over the past 10 years, TyPA has brought experts from leading institutions across the world to Latin America to lead trainings, serving nearly 500 museum professionals through professional development initiatives. Recent programs have focused on art and social integration, creative management, the role of visitors, communications and marketing, and designing innovative experiences. The TyPA Lab for Museum Management, created to train a new generation of museum leaders in Latin America, was started in 2013 and is one of the most original and effective training institutes in the field.

Parque Explora: Serving as a model inMedellín’scultural transformation, this cultural complex includes a science and technology museum, Amazonian aquarium, a vivarium, a planetarium and a public workshop for experimentation. Located in north Medellín, built on what was once a city landfill, and now a vibrant community dedicated to education and recreation, Explora is a symbol of social innovation and free access to new forms of knowledge. It offers more than 300 activities and contains 22,000 square meters of indoor space and 15,000 square meters of outdoor area. It has 12 stages, including four exhibition halls, a children's playroom, two auditoriums and an audiovisual production center.



  • Fundación TyPA – Teoría y Práctica de las Artes
  • Academic Direction: Américo Castilla
  • General Coordination: Ana van Tuyll
  • Programming and Networking: Florencia González de Langarica
  • Programming and Communication: Maia Pérsico
  • Administration: Vanesa Vázquez Raimondi
  • AAM – American Alliance of Museums
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer: Rob Stein
  • Senior Director, Integrated Content: Elizabeth Neely
  • Senior Director, Leadership Programs: Dean Phelus
  • Senior Manager, Global Partnerships: Megan Lantz
  • Conference Advisor: Margarita Sandino, Latino Network
  • Conference Advisor: Antonio Rodriguez, Latino Network
  • Parque Explora
  • Direction: Andrés Roldán
  • General Coordination: Diana Gómez
  • Programming: Claudia Aguirre
  • Cultural Manager: Natalia Ortiz
  • Communication: Ana Ochoa y Korina Daza
  • Design: Juan Camilo Castaño
  • Production: Natalia Arcila
  • Administration: Daniela Loaiza

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