South Africa
Director of District Six Museum


Bonita Bennett

Bonita was appointed as director of the District Six Museum in 2008. Her professional training is as an educator with strong anti-apartheid activist roots. She completed both her under- and post-graduate degrees at the University of Cape Town and her 2005 masters dissertation focused on the narratives of people who had been forcibly removed from various areas in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Both her parents are from District Six, and she grew up in township called Bonteheuwel together with other families who were forcibly removed, when the areas where they lived were declared for ‘whites only’.

The District Six Museum provides a wonderful platform from which to confront issues both directly to the affected community and their descendants, as well as to raise awareness about the indivisibility of human rights, thus sensitising people to issues which call for their solidarity and empathy.


Sociologist and anthropologist

Vera Baur-Kockot

Vera Baur has a degree in Cultural Science at Luenburg (Germany) and she is an associate investigator in Sociology of Design at St. Gallen University – Switzerland. Vera Baur makes interdisciplinary practices and investigations in the border of culture, politics and science. She is the founder and director of Interdis, an interdisciplinary institute based in Zurich/Berlin/Paris that develops publications, exhibitions, conferences and investigation projects since 1989. After an international career as a curator and director of contemporary art centers, Vera Baur co directed the Arts, Design and Media Technology Institute of the University of Nuremberg (2000/2004) and the Design2context Institute of the University of Zurich. She was co founder and member of the directing committee of the Interdisciplinary Visual Studies Society and the Transmedia Academy of Hellerau, in Dresden. Vera Baur is the Chair of the City Institute civic association for the investigation of science and design critic, and the director, with Ruedi Baur, of the doctorate programme “Visible/Invisible” in the School of Arts and Design of Geneva. Vera Baur is also responsible for the social design department of the Intégral studio, Paris/Zurich.


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