Adjunct Artistic Director at Instituto Inhotim

María Eugenia Salcedo

Maria Eugenia Salcedo Repolês is the Adjunct Artistic Director at Instituto Inhotim in Brumadinho, Brazil. She started her career researching education and art in developing countries, including Brazil, India and Ecuador.

Salcedo is an artist and an educator, has a graduate and postgraduate degrees in art and contemporary culture from the University of the State of Minas Gerais/EscolaGuignard. She has completed diverse specializations in the area of museum management.

While at Inhotim, Maria was Education Manager from 2004 to 2015. There she coordinated LaboratorioInhotim project, which became the runner-up in Premio Darcy Ribero in 2010 and in 2008 received the RumosEducação, Cultura e Arte de Itaú Cultural prize.

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