Three days of engaged discussion
and collective experimentation

Reimagining the Museum is organized around the latest trends and current challenges shared by museums and museum professionals in the Americas.How can museums develop capacities that contribute to a better society? Does the scale of an organization define the scale of the topics it can address? Do collaborations increase the power and effectiveness of advocacy? How do we encourage new capacities in building teams within our organizations? To address these issues, the program will offer: presentations and case studies of successful institutional transformations as well as experiential learning opportunities to explore initiating and managing change.


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nina simonThe Art of Relevance

Relevance isn't about what's #trending. It's about unlocking meaning in people's hearts. We all want our museums to be "relevant." In this thought-provoking conversation Nina Simon will address how we can use relevance to matter more to more people.

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The Crowning

Jury: Luis Marcelo Mendes (Consultor en comunicaciones y branding de MAC, Panamá), Silvia Singer (Museo Interactivo de Economía, México) and James Volkert (Exhibition Associates, USA).

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lucia bianco2

Is 600 Kilos of Onion Enough? Regional Symposium of Feasts

As food culture is an important aspect in understanding history, the Museo del Puerto de Ingeniero White proposes an event that invites cooks, community institutions and organizers of popular festivals in the region to tell the story of their food traditions.


Neighbor in the Window: Broadcasting Through the Backdoor51 andres duque2

The Museo de Arte de Pereira, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by a large residential area, is perceived as an obtrusive curving wall. To counter this negative public perception, the museum proposes projecting audiovisuals on its façade accompanied with sound from a radio antenna to better “tune in” to its community.


The History of an Objectbarbara2

This proposal contemplates questions about the dynamics of power and authority in the creation of museum narratives by temporarily replacing the labels of 20 objects with stories based on personal interpretations of these objects contributed by visitors and narrated by a local writer.


Moving the Q
andres forero2

Michael Andrés Forero (Museo Q, Colombia)
This proposal envisions a traveling exhibition as a participatory exercise which aims to document and display histories and current events of LGBTQ+ people. The Q Museum will be informed by traveling throughout the region and cooperating with others to pose questions and reimagine.


Mobile Networknatalia segurado2

The role of taxi drivers in transmitting information about local culture is a very important link with the local community and tourists. This proposal explores the question: if a taxi driver is able to talk about politics, economy, and the weather…why not museums?

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Coffee break

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On Stage

Led by Madelka Fiesco (Papalote - Museo del Niño, México) and Germán Paley (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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McKinley Kelly2

All Power to the People: A Story of Revolution Through Inclusion

“All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50” is an exhibition about the creation and evolution of a radical political party and its aim to serve oppressed people and fight injustice which continues to influence culture and activism locally, nationally, and internationally. Find out how the museum built community, civic and institutional support and buy-in for this controversial project; navigated potentially polarizing and traumatizing issues through community and stakeholder listening circles; and consulted with the community to inform all aspects of the project conception, interpretation and design.


Intuition Guides UseMarcela Banados Norero2

Learn about the creation of Museo Taller, a unique museum that gives life and meaning to its collection through the profound educational benefit of doing things.


Museum + School

Find out about the “Museum + School”; program of the Museo La Tertulia which tries to understand the school as a museum through an exercise in which teachers, students, and renowned visual artists re-envision their neighborhoods and reaffirms the value of the school as a place for inquiry.


Vaivén Project53 mariana val2

Find out how The Vaivén Project uses art to foster and strengthen community values and attitudes.


Last Chancekatherine roman2

This case study details how the Museo de Paracas was able to completely redesign its permanent exhibition with no financial resources.


Less is Sometimes Moreclaudia ferretto2

Find out how Museo de Arte Eduardo (MAEM) has become a beloved institution and valued community asset despite its remote location in Patagonia Argentina and limited physical and financial resources.


Un-learning and Re-learning Customer FocusMyriam Springuel2

What happens when a 65-year-old organization, recognized internationally, observes decreasing interest in its offerings? Through internal reflection and conversations with exhibitors, learn how SITES reexamined its customer base to un-learn decades of working methods and dramatically transform itself.


The Museum in an Era of Selfies50 alicia martin2

Learn how Museo Benito Quinquela Martín invites teenagers from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds to address current issues of concern to them and their application to solutions to broader community challenges.


The Importance of Addressing Difficult Societal Issues in Museums: The YouthLink Model Gonzalo Martinez2

Explore YouthLink, an exhibition program addressing social problems that teaches young people how to make good decisions so they are less vulnerable to crime and victimization.

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I want to explore how... 

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To Expand The Organization’s Impact through Innovation

With Andrés Roldán (Director General, Parque Explora) and the Parque Explora Team

Gain greater insight from the director and staff of Parque Explora on how they decide which new projects to pursue for greatest relevancy and impact.

To Conduct Museum Renovations

With Juan Pablo Gaviria (Director of Innovation and Development) and Claudia Aguirre (Director of Content and Appropriation)

Learn tactics and strategies in how to renovate galleries and a team building approach to work related to renovations, micro-renovations, and external exhibitions.

To Manage Alliances

With Marcela Pimiento Murillo (Director of Marketing and Services) and the Parque Explora Team

Learn how Parque Explora successfully manages alliances and collaborative partnerships to extend its reach, resources and knowledge.

To Transform Ideas on Content

With Ana Ochoa (Director of Communications and Culture) and the Parque Explore Team

How do you leverage content for greater impact and what, how and where is it communicated? How do you create content for a young audience? How do you make a difference with your content strategy?

To Apply Strategic Mapping in Project Development

With José Ocampo (Designer) and the Parque Explora Team

Learn about a “strategic map” that is a tool that organizes and invites you to rethink the “zero moment” of a project—the initial stage where details on resources, subject, scope and budget are defined.

To Conduct Work at the Aquarium

With Mauricio Posada (Director of the Aquarium) and the Parque Explora Team

The team shares insights on the how they care for the park's living collections.

To Manage Front Desk Operations

With Ana Mejía (Director of Operations) and the Parque Explora Team

Parque Explora receives 620,000 visitors a year at multiple locations. The operations team shares the key challenges and creative ways of dealing with them on a day-to-day basis.

To Contribute to the School Environment

With Paola Trujillo (Director of Education and School Development) and the Parque Explora Team

Everyday education in museums contributes to formal education. The Education and School Development team shares the main challenges and innovative experiences that are being developed to contribute to the education sector.

To Organize Collaborative Practices and Projects with the Community

With Camilo Cantor (coordinator, Exploratorio), Juliana Valdés (social worker, Exploratorio)

Gain insight on how to generate best working practices with others and how to convert collaborative practices into working models that benefit the community.

Moravia Tour

Visit the Moravia neighborhood and discover how a neglected and blighted area was transformed into an urban garden and meeting place. The process of environmental regeneration is the result of a joint project between state agencies, cultural organizations and community groups.

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Luncheon Conversations

Select from Today’s Menu of topics a conversation you would like to join.


Early Childhood
Gabriela Santagostino (Malba, Argentina) & Iván León (Planetario de Bogotá, Colombia)

Learn about early childhood projects that promote new activities in museums. Rethink museums spaces and their uses for families.


Community-based Education: Beyond the Museum and the School
Gabriela Aidar (Pinacoteca do Estado do Sao Paulo, Brasil) & Mónica Amieva (MUAC, Mexico)

A conversation to rethink the educational ecosystem within museums. Who in the community connects students, teachers, and families?


Human Rights at Museums
David Anderson (National Museum Wales, UK) & Maria José Kahn (Museo y Sitio de Memoria ESMA, Argentina)

What if we viewed all museums from the perspective of human rights? Join this conversation to learn how this issue can inform museum practice and programs.


Professional Education in Process: What do Museum Professionals Need to Learn?
Americo Castilla (Fundación TyPA, Argentina) & Suzanne McLeod (Leicester University, UK)

Professional development requires continuous training. Where do we find resources and learn skills to broaden our horizons? What do we need to learn as professionals to work in a museum today?


A Thousand Possibilities on Text in the Museum
Bárbara Elmudesi (Mam Chiloé/Museos Austral,  Chile) & Daniela Rodi (Museo Olga Orozco, Argentina)

A conversation to explore and learn many ways to write museum text and other narratives that are linked in a museum.


The Impossible Museum, Crazy Ideas Move the World
Florencia González de Langarica (Fundación TyPA, Argentina) & Daniela Pellegrinelli (Museos de Pringles, Argentina)

You're not alone! This conversation is for those who have crazy ideas for their museum or for imagined museums. Let’s brainstorm together.


National Museums
Marcelo Araujo (IBRAM, Brasil) & Violeta Bronstein (Direccion Nacional de Museos, Argentina)

What is being discussed within national museums in different countries? Do they share common scenarios and agendas?


Comfortable Places, Uncomfortable Conversations
Kelly McKinley (Oakland Museum of California, US) & Fernanda Venegas Adriodaza (Museo de la Educación Gabriela Mistral, Chile)

How do we address conflict or controversy in an exhibition or a program at the museum? An invitation to discuss what is often unspoken.


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What’s Andrea Bandelli Thinking about Now?22 andrea bandelli2

Distinguished museum professional, Andrea Bandelli, shares his profound insights on the museum field, concerns, and future challenges.

Andrea Bandelli is director of the Science Gallery of Ireland. His professional interests include the intersection of sciences, art, democracy and public participation that can inform the rethinking of museums and cultural organizations.

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Until We Meet Again: Reimagining the Possible

Collective trust, implicit leadership, music, dance and the unexpected are part of this collective session where attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on their shared experience at the conference and commit to some action steps they plan to implement in their workplace. 

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Closing wordselaine heummanmaria eugenia salcedo

Maria Eugenia Salcedo Repolês and Elaine Heumann Gurian, using their own cultural and personal perspective, will participate in many sessions and interview participants to glean the underlying and overarching themes of the conference and will, together, but in their own language, present a synthesis.

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Closing Party

A celebration of our time together and a toast to the future with conference attendees.
Buses will depart from the Orchidarium in the Botanical Garden to host hotels at 10:00 p.m.

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