Three days of engaged discussion
and collective experimentation


Keynote presentations

Four distinguished experts in the cultural field share insights on the central themes of the conference.



Distinguished subject matter experts provide insight on some of today’s most pressing societal challenges and how museums can advance positive social change, influence political discourse, assume greater civic responsibility and take risks.


Dialogue sessions

Professionals present their experiences and facilitate candid conversations on specific issues.



Practical, hands-on sessions offer participants an opportunity to experiment and explore new approaches.


The Crowning

In a fun future-looking event, judges evaluate presentations of visionary projects selected through the open call.


On stage

Speakers give brief, rapid fire presentations on innovative case studies.



Conducted in a trial-like session format, hear opposing points of view on whether the co-creation of museum projects, exhibitions and programs with the public is a genuine form of the democratization of the museum.


What´s on the experts mind?

Invited speakers will share career insights and what keeps them up at night.

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