Parque Explora: 

A Symbol of Medellín's Transformation


Parque Explora

Serving as a model in Medellín’s cultural transformation, this cultural complex includes a science and technology museum, Amazonian aquarium, a vivarium, a planetarium and a public workshop for experimentation. Located in north Medellín, built on what was once a city landfill, and now a vibrant community dedicated to education and recreation, Explora is a symbol of social innovation and free access to new forms of knowledge. It offers more than 300 activities and contains 22,000 square meters of indoor space and 15,000 square meters of outdoor area. It has 12 stages, including four exhibition halls, a children's playroom, two auditoriums and an audiovisual production center.


Other spaces

The conference will feature work sessions in other venues, such as Planetarium, Botanical Garden, Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Antioquia.


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