Medellín: a City of Transformation, Resilience 

 and Inspiration 

Elevation: 1,495 m
Area: 380.6 km²
Weather: average annual
temperature is 22 °C (72 °F)



Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia and the capital of the state of Antioquia. Its cultural transformation has been frequently cited as a model for successfully leveraging cultural assets to empower disenfranchised communities. Various civic, governmental and individual stakeholders across Medellín are helping to transform the city into a culturally vibrant place, while simultaneously addressing issues of social equity.

With the commitment to prioritizing equal opportunities for all residents, Medellín has adopted creative and unconventional approaches to improve city life. One example of this is the Metro Cable, a gondola lift system, connecting remote hillside communities to the central urban core. Medellín has built libraries, parks and schools in the poorest areas, reaffirming the belief that architecture and urban planning work hand-and-hand to advance positive social and cultural change in communities.

Medellín believes that education and culture are vital to sustainable community development and are at the heart of the quest to solve profound social and community challenges and issues. 



To access the special hotel rates for Reimagining the Museum 2017, please make your reservation directly with the hotel, and let the hotel staff know that you are going to participate in this event.

Estelar Milla de Oro

Address: Calle 3 Sur #43a-64
Phone: + 57 (4) 369 6300
Cellphone: +57 3153112618
Rate: $76, single room


Address: Calle 4 sur # 43 A - 109
Phone: + 57 (4) 319 4000
Cellphone: +57 320 688 888
Rate: $70, single room



Address: Calle 6 sur # 43 A 100
Phone: (57 + 4) 31950009
Rate: $93, standard apartment

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